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Allods Online
Space is filled with a special substance, or is this substance space itself? It is a dynamic and bubbly substance or acts at least that way. It is called an astral space, but find out on your own!

Allods Online is a free to play MMORPG which is set in the epic fantasy universe of Sarnaut. It represents the fourth chapter of the Rage of Mages series, which was launched in the mid-nineties and fascinated millions of players all over the world for more than 12 years.

Plunge into the exciting history of Allods Online where the two fractions of the Empire and the League with all their races are at war since a very long time. Disclose the secrets of this unique location or concentrate on the development of your character and the improvement of his skills. You may also focus on artisanry, the looting of rare items to improve them by using the rune system, to be in a position to win duels and astral battles.

During the whole game you will have to make your way through dungeons, castles and temples on your own or in a group. As soon as you have reached a high level, you will be able to create your own spaceship to investigate the astral space and to look for adventures and battles together with your group. You may also become a pirate who captures other ships and steals their booties. Furthermore you will have to face a lot of unique incidents such as the astral daemon and the epical battles ship against ship.

The special guild system will enlarge your possibilities and improve your experience in cooperative playing by specific moves.
It doesnt matter if you would like to handle challenges in a world with lots of PvE content on your own or if you would like to compete with other players in the PvP mode (ship against ship), Allods Online will offer to each type of player the appropriate content.

If you should be tired from fighting you may take a break and meat your friends in game to talk about the latest news, just as you like.

More Features of Allods Online

  • Free to play
  • Client download
  • 6 different races (canadians, xadaganians, arisen, orcs, gibberlings and elves)
  • 8 different classes such as warrior, scout, healer, ... and two associated fractions (League and Empire)
  • extensive manual
  • many exciting quests
  • fantastic 3D graphics

Allods Online is a free to play browsergame with no time limit, so you can play as long as you would like to.
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