Bounty Bay Online

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Bounty Bay Online
Follow in the footsteps of the greatest discoverers of world history. Step into the shoes of Christoph Kolumbus, Vasco da Gama or Ferdinand Magellan.

As the historical circumnavigators once affected their era, players of Bounty Bay Online will also make history. Following legends as James Cook, Christoph Kolumbus and other historical heroes, you will discover new plants and animals. During many exciting adventures you will meet a lot of wild animals, outlaws or gloomy mythical creatures from foreign cultures.

Equipped with letters of marque and as a buccaneer you will destroy the enemies of your empire. Your comptoirs will soon be filled with flotsam and captured goods while influential guilds will control cities, expand fortifications, collect customs duties and change the political situation of the world. Together with other players you will establish alliances and mighty pressure groups. As soon as you will neglect your diplomatic skills, you will have to use weapons.

Merchants play a very significant role in Bounty Bay Online. They are the impulsive power of the economic system which is based on supply and demand, and they transport precious goods between different harbours. As pirates are waiting to attack them, experienced merchants will always join guarded escorts. Despite these risks, merchants will be in a positon to reach wealth and fortune.

As a pirate you will paint the seven seas red. Pirates will plunder, capture and steal everything that will be in front of their bow. As you are wanted as a notorious bandit of the seven seas, you will have to avoid hostile cities and to look out for buccaneers who are keen on profitable head money. Secret bays and anchorages will offer shelter and a little bit of peace before your next looting expedition, and you may align with other outlaws.

Even if you love peace you will find your destiny while playing Bounty Bay Online. As a farmer you may cultivate rare plants or raise precious seeds to sell them on the market. As soon as the cities can not be provided with food due to naval blockades, farmers and fishers will have to cater for the innocent population.

As a craftsman and alchemist you will fabricate important elixirs, armatures and weapons. As soon as the resources in the woods and stone pits will be short, you will also have to go to sea to develop new sources. On this expedition you will have to defend yourself against dangerous animals and other heinous opponents.

In Bounty Bay Online governors and other influential characters will conclude contracts to boost glory and fame of their delegates. Fulfillment of special challenges will guarantee you precious influence on the skills of the world of sailors. Coronation of your online career will be a title of nobility and the command of a whole nation.
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