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The free to play browsergame Dragonica is a 3D side-scrolling MMORPG full of action, humor and esprit. Dragonica offers to you a breathtaking story as well as a lot of fun and multifaceted possibilities to develop yourself. Dragonica is based on a PvP-system, so that you are able to discover the worlds on you own or in a group of up to 10 players.

After registration you may create a character according to your own wishes and imagination. Therefore you can choose between magician, shooter, villain or warrior. Furthermore you can choose a gender, name, haircut, hair colour, face and much more, so that you can design your own virtual personality.

After establishing your own avatar, you should discover the virtual world of Dragonica. You may visit different continents, decipher hidden cards which will lead you to further areas, solve a lot of simple and difficult quests and visit dungeons to search for hidden and precious items.

But always be careful as strong monsters are hiding in these dungeons waiting to attack you, and maybe you are not strong enough to defeat them right now. Therefore you will have to improve your talents, skills and abilities at any time. Use items such as weapons, armatures and spells which you will find while discovering Dragonica. Later you may return to the dungeons to show the monsters your impressive strength.

While playing Dragonica, your character can reach one level after the other. Each level will offer to you new quests, maps and additional items. Furthermore there will always be new events, quests, tournaments (to fight against other players) and new missions where you can acquire combat techniques and spells.
To be in a positon to play Dragonica for free, you will have to install a client on your computer.

Dragonicas combat has a special combo system that you can take advantage of to increase your exp. The more consecutive hits you land on your enemies, the higher your combo count at the right side of your screen. See how high you can make your combo, because the bigger the combo, the bigger the exp bonus!
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