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Howdy farmer! Welcome to the free to play farm simulation Farmerama! Try your luck as as farmer on your own farm! Farmerama offers to you a lot of fun showing you country life with all it is facets. As a farmer you will have to raise crops, till fields, breed animals and trade with different agricultural products. You are a part of the big community, as solidarity is very important in the country.

In the beginning each player already has a handsome farmhouse, a barn, a windmill, a water tank and a small dungheap. But much more important than the buildings is your wide land, as this is your future capital. Now it is up to you to turn your acre into a flowering meadow, tilled fields or a grazing land full of animals. You can decide according to your talents and your personal strategy.

You can always plant new trees, create further fields or build stables for other animals. There is a great variety of trees, stables and fields - you can buy different animals and cultivate lots of flowers, fruits and vegetables.

More Features of Farmerama

  • Free to play/li>
  • No client download/li>
  • Browsergame/li>
  • Many quests/li>
  • always pay attention to the bell as customers will come to your farm regularly to buy different agricultural products/li>
  • store the goods in your barn, the harvest from the fields and the trees as well as the products from the cattle breeding/li>
  • you will produce forage for your animals in your own windmill/li>
  • with your water tank you can water your fields to improve your harvest/li>
  • the dung from your stables is the best fertilizer for your fields/li>
  • in town you can buy everything that misses such as seeds, stables, animals and scions/li>
  • sell your agricultural products on the local market at a good price/li>
  • you can write messages to other players or send goods at the post office/li>
  • at the bank you can take out a loan/li>
  • you can earn additional money by opening your farm for visitors, you can arrange everything at the tourist office/li>
  • lovely animated game/li>
  • characteristic farm sounds and loving details/li>
  • Farm Herold: the newspaper from and for the community/li>
  • farmer-chat, buddy-list, e-cards .../li>
  • complete different quests/li>
  • extensive tutorial at the beginning

Farmerama is a wonderful mix of a business simulation and a strategy game. Start your own career as a farmer and win the title for best farmer, most beautiful garden or farmer with the biggest potatoes! Have fun and good harvest!

Try your luck as as farmer on your own farm! Farmerama offers to you a lot of fun showing you country life with all it is facets. Play Farmerama now!
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