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Every girl dreams of fame and opportunity. Every girl wants to grow and become a smart, talented and successful woman. LadyPopular gives you this opportunity. Join our small, but extremely wicked world. Go through the adventure called LadyPopular, try all the possibilities that the game offers, they are so many!

Rich options in choosing your Lady appearance, dozens of styles and colors, colorful costumes and many combinations. Have fun with minigames, or compare your popularity in challenges with other players! Hohhot!

Do you have the qualities to be a real popular Lady? Ladypopular is an online based game, which will allow you to create and care for your lady. You will follow her career, adopt a cuddly and loving pet, organize garden parties in your garden or apartment, decorated in your taste, create millions of combinations of clothing and makeup and join the active life of our small Lady community.

More Features of Ladypopular
  • Free to play
  • No client download
  • Browsergame
  • To move forward in the game your Lady will rent or purchase housing, will change professions, will have a boyfriend.
  • To move forward in the game your Lady will rent or purchase housing, will change professions, will have a boyfriend.
  • You can evaluate other lady in the game to distribute items and participate in the election of the new winners of the fashion catwalk.
  • LadyPopular Registration is free - try it now!

1.) Create your lady
Lets start the fun! Choose your Lady look, give her a name and remember that day, this will be the day of your ladys birthday. Proceed and join the beautiful and glamorous Popular world!

2.) Your profile
Every Lady has her own room. Here you can dress her, choose your favorite outfits and make her look stunning. Dont be jealous, join us and you will have same opportunity, to become most popular Lady in the game.

3.) City
Welcome to the Popular city. Do you want to make a tattoo? Or maybe go dancing with some friends? You need to work to earn money for new most fashion collection? There are a lot opportunities to have some fun or just increase opportunities for your lady to make her life easier and colorful!

4.) Shopping
Where all the girls take those incredible outfits from? Of course - Shops! Take a tour and visit every single one from the shops in the Mall. If you need very elegant evening dress, of some summer dress in bright colors - Dress shop is your place. New lingerie, hats and blouses, skirts and socks, and of course shoes, a lot of shoe pairs, those are just a few things you can find here. Oh yes, did you know that the diamonds are the girls best friends? Sure - you can find them here too!

5.) Minigames
Bored? Your lady is taking her morning jogging or working? The best way to enjoy time till waiting for her to finish is to win some games. Challenge the other players, earn some money or help your Lady increase her IQ - there is no way to lose!

6.) Pet
Sure the diamonds are the girls best friends, but they can make feel you better when you are sad. Living alone is not so great. Your pet can always make you smile making funny stuff or just playing with some toys or bows.

Will you concur the fashion podiums, will you become the most famous, intelligent and popular Lady in the game? We believe you do! Join us in this unforgivable journey. Dont leave anything to change. Glamour is everything!
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