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Who doesnt know the most sinful of mile in Hamburg? In New Eden City, everything revolves around life in St.Pauli. The actors behind the colourful scenes of the frivolous party world watch everything with a careful open eye. The player becomes one of them and should know the neighbourhood like the back of their hand. The player begins as a small snack joint owner and blossoms gradually from that to the owner of a bar and brothel.

But the road is not easy. Many comrades have the same ambitions to rise to the top of the district, but it takes some skill in order to remain successful. The player has to make sure that they have enough guys on their side and to not mess with the wrong groups. In their Gang, the player should find the actual support they need and enhance their cashflow by starting out with cigarette smuggling.

Each user receives their own district once they have registered. This district is a complete optical street where businesses can be built one after another. Each of the shopping areas can be expanded by the user without limitation. Each business produces money, fries or visitors.

Each business which produces money or fries requires a certain number of visitors in order to reach the full production capacity. The number of visitors that a business requires increases with each extension, based on a set factor.

More Features of New Eden City

  • Free to play
  • No client download
  • Browsergame
  • There are several different ways to interact with other players in New Eden City.
  • The user has five different units at their disposal which can be used to trigger an attack on others.
  • To spy on a neighbourhood, the user needs a spy.
  • To start a sabotage, the user needs a troublemaker.
  • The Gang system promotes one of the key features: the interaction between players.

There is also a small mini-game within New Eden City in which the user can win free Coins. On the St.Pauli map, there are NPC neighbourhoods which are spread throughout, including the SEAL Red Light Vandals. This Gang is in posession of some very compromising photos of celebrities of the Hamburg Senators. Players can acquire these photos by attacking the NPC neighbourhoods. - New Eden City is a free online game!
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