Rangers Land

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Rangers Land
Rangers Land takes the player into the vastness of the North America prairie. As a gunman or a simple merchant, Rangers Land offers a great deal of fun for the action-loving gamer.

The player starts out in a 2-party trek from the city of Santa Fe. In Santa Fe, the player can look around and visit the saloon, bank and the various merchants. The goal is to ride down to Sun Down Valley, where the player can establish their own settlement. For this, the player needs raw materials, which can be bought in various cities. In the players settlement, the user can grow what, which he can sell for a profit in the cities.

The rides through the prairies are not a walk in the park. The user must be armed against attacks from others, or else be robbed. Therefore, the user must gradually expand his trek and hire more men for protection. In the ideal case scenario, the user looks to a Gang for protection and advice.

Settlement in Sun Down Valley
In the beginning, the settlement is still completely empty, but the player can build up the settlement bit by bit. The most productive parts of the settlement are the wheat field, cattle, beer and whiskey brewery. These parts create goods which can be sold in the cities. At the railway, the player earns dollars hourly.

The Prairie
In the prairie, danger is always lurking. If one has chosen bad gunmen to accompany them, ones basis of life can be threatened. As soon as the player has set out for the ride, a list of other players and NPC characters who are on the same route appear, which the player can choose to attack or not. For this, the player needs, of course, fully-armed men.

The Gangs
Gangs can start wars against one another and take part in the Big River Events, where there are man-against-man battles. The Gangs may also take advantage of the benefits of the Gang cash box, which each authorized member receives payment from.

Items and Auctions
There are additional items which may be deemed as advantageous in certain situations and can make the game easier. They may be bought either during an auction or purchased for a slightly higher price via immediate purchase.
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