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Welcome to the cute airport game, SkyRama! A buzzing airport game that offers a new way to play with your friends and travel the world. SkyRama emphasises cooperative gameplay - with players sharing flights, cargo, and air shows on an MMO scale. SkyRama provides casual strategy - with multiple resources, airport micromanagement, and flight planning to keep you challenged. SkyRama offers lots of cool aircraft, landscapes, decorations, and souvenirs to keep you busy collecting and customizing. SkyRama graphics and story immerse you in the world - with cute animations and engaging characters.

Air traffic controllers, flight attendants, ground crew - in SkyRama you are responsible for them all! Build your own airport and take over command - you have got plenty of passengers to tend.

Check in customers, organize flight schedules and make sure your planes get out on time. Take to the skies and soar to new heights!

More Features of SkyRama

  • Free to play
  • No client download
  • Business simulation browser game
  • Pick a country and build your own airport there
  • Play with your friends and land your planes at their airports
  • Take care of passengers both in the air and on the ground
  • Unlock new flight destinations in different countries
  • Use flight paths to supervise the traffic in the skies

Via the buddy list, players can coordinate flight plans and send flights to each others airports, thereby opening up new travel destinations as well as increasing airport productivity through mutual agreements.

With its user-friendly interface and direct start in the game, gamers dont need a pilots license to quickly create their own airport. New daily goals, a variety of items, buildings and 15 various airplanes combined with many different features ensure an amazing time for all. SkyRamas diverse gameplay merged with visually impressive graphics and an entertaining story make sure it is always fun and challenging.

SkyRama - Starting out with only a runway, players must quickly expand their airport to fulfill the wishes of traveling passengers and international cargo carriers. And to ensure smooth airport operations, they must also see to it that every airport employee, from baggage handler to air-traffic controller and pilot, pulls their weight and does their job. Punctual takeoff and landing of planes will earn players money as well as special bonuses, which they can then invest in their airport to build new buildings such as larger hangars or hotels.
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