Play StreetMobster for free
Do you remember your time in prison? Your ugly cell? Cops watching you all the time? Think of hell - you never want to face this again! You are right in the middle of the browsergame StreetMobster.

You just left prison and now you are free with a little dough in your pockets, that you earned in prison. You are back in the streets without any friends or allies. It is high time to paint the town red and to command respect. You choose your own was, but the goal is always the same: power and much money!

To become mighty and rich everyone has to start from scratch. Steal icecream from little girls, play some tricks on pedestrians or just bowl down some trash cans. These activities will not just get you a little cash but you will also gain experience. If you earned enough experience you are ready to commit bigger crimes. Build your own gang and look for a bank to mug or just blackmail some little shops in town.

As soon as you have become a real big gangster, the time of organized crime begins. Manage your resources of protection money, mug bigger banks, banish other gangs from your destrict or chase law enforcement officers.

Take advantage of the black market to buy or sell goods, weapons and much more. If you have enough money you will be in a position to buy everything! Visit a casino in town to play blackjack or roulette. While playing StreetMobster there is a lot to explore and to do. Lets go! But be careful, you may get ill and therefore be forced to stay in hospital for a few days. There will surely be some suprises from time to time!

Strategy meets role playing
StreetMobster is a combination of strategy game and role playing. You will have to improve different skills such as strength, intelligence, fighting et cetera to be able to reach the top. Furthermore you will need a perfect strategy and tactic to climb the charts step by step. Dissolve different quests on your own or together with your gang to get even more cash!

StreetMobster is a free browsergame, which means that you dont have to download or install anything on your computer. Just start registration to play now! Start your new career as a gangster!

More Features of StreetMobster

  • Free to play
  • No client download
  • Browsergame
  • Criminal game

All the old bosses were deposed and now it is time for the new ones to redistribute powers. All the new gangsters want to replace them, but the mafia boss could be only one. Prove that you are the best - be the mafia boss. You have a bone to pick and now is the time to rule the streets!
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