Play Torpia for free
Good or Evil - Which side are you on?
Magic amulets, cryptic scrolls and mysterious Brotherhoods. Register for free on Torpia and join the quest for the hidden amulets! No downloads, no installations necessary! Register for free, and you can start playing in your web browser right away.

Plunge into the world of the Massive Multiplayer Online Game (MMO) Torpia, and meet your destiny. Black or White? Good or Evil? Economic power or the art of warfare?

Choose your ethic, and start developing your very own empire. But be aware: You will not make it alone in the world of the free browser-game Torpia. Whichever path you may choose to follow: You will need others to help you on your way. For in this strategy game, Good and Evil must cooperate, in order to succeed. So choose your battles wisely, and your friends with even more care!

As multiplayer-game, Torpia is all about the community. Meet thousands of other players on this MMO, and join them in brotherhoods. Together, you will embark on the search for hidden amulets, turn them into scrolls. Will your Brotherhood be the first to find all scrolls, and, guided by the power of Torpia, win the game-goal?

Set in a fantasy world with a medieval backdrop, Torpia has it all: Medieval economy simulation, fantasy game, battles, strategy, carefully rendered 3D-graphics, magic and mystery. Torpia is an intriguing mixture of several game genres, and provides action, fun and entertainment for players of all ages. An exceptional gaming system with amazing graphics and a strong community-feeling, Torpia can be played online - for free and without downloads, directly in your web browser. Play yourself right to the top of the ranking and discover the amazing diversity of a world whose strength - as in all upjers-games - is in its lovingly crafted details.

More Features of Torpia

  • Free browser based online game
  • No client download necessary
  • Medieval Setting
  • Two entirely different ethics, relying on each other to succeed
  • Complex trading- and battle-system
  • 19 different buildings
  • 10 different forms of troops
  • 10 different types of goods
  • Brotherhoods, allowing players to unit and reach the game-goal together

Fantasy, magic, strategy and combatting-action
There are no downloads necessary in order to play the free browser based game Torpia. Register for free and discover a fantasy world set in the middle ages. Strategy-game, fantasy-game and economy simulation with a Medieval backdrop: Torpia brings fun, entertainment and action to players of all ages, fans of strategy games and lovers of sword-armored action likewise. This browser game is based on a completely new game-idea: In contrast to other browser games, both parties are not just two sides of the same coin, but two completely opposed sides, that nevertheless depend on each other. Without cooperation, you will not be able to succeed on this game for long. In Brotherhoods, players can unite, and win Torpia in the end - completely for free.

This MMO-game is not for loners. This game is all about communication, interaction, pacts and alliances. The world of Torpia has no mercy for single-players and lone gun - pardon - swordsmen or women. So combine your wits, your economic power and your steel-fisted strength and create the magic scrolls that combined, will give you the power over this fantasy world.
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