War of Titans

Play War of Titans for free
War of Titans
War of Titans is the fighting game among the free to play browsergames. Bloody and inexorable fights are waiting for you. War of Titans wont give you a run for your money and you will have to face destiny courageously in the different arenas!

War of Titans will show you the life of a gladiator with all its facets. You absolutely will need weapons, an armature as well as the right technics for attack and defence. You will have to earn gold to buy good equipment and improve your technics by working out very intensely.

Further features of War of Titans:

  • Free to play
  • PvE- or PvP-missions, exciting missions will lead you to other cities and provinces
  • fight together with your friends and allies!
  • a great variety of weapons and armatures for each gladiator!
  • travel to the most outlying corners of the ancient Europe! With every further level you will activate new provinces, additional missions and other items.
  • create your own arena for legendary battles!
  • fascinating 3D graphics
  • no download necessary!

In the beginning you have to choose from four different gladiators, and every character has a special talent. Achillas talent is life leech, Camulus talent is a swirling attack, Validus is a berserk and Saracus has a special talent for inrushes. As soon as your gladiator has been created you may play the tutorial to make yourself familiar with the game.

You will have to use the keyboard and the mouse to control your gladiator. For an attack you will have to press STRG and while pressing space you can activate the special talent of your fighter. After playing the tutorial you will get to know War of Titans a little bit better by fighting against other gladiators and you will soon experience the thrill of the game. Besides of other gladiators there will also be some boxes and wild animals in the arenas. You will have to destroy these boxes as they contain gold, silver and important items.

In comparison with Gladiators II, War of Titans is not just an upgrade of the content. You will experience the exciting story while discovering new provinces of the ancient Europe with every further level. The different arenas have been designed with many details and are presented in high-quality graphics. In addition every player hast the possibility to design his own arenas with huge buildings and to open them for all the other gladiators.

Can you hear the screams of your enemies? Become the strongest gladiator in the ancient arena and spread fear and terror. Play War of Titans now!

Enter the Roman Coliseum now and let the online game begin. Real-life opponents await you: Experience the thrill of the fight in multiplayer battles with magnificent 3D graphics! Hone your blade and fight online in the arena where heroes are born! Play the free to play gladiator browser game now!
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