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In the real-time strategy game WAR2 Glory, players take on the role of a Commander who must lead the development of his war-torn city, expand into new territories and conquer the game world. To succeed on the battlefield, the player must guide the development of their city, and expand their military forces. You have more than 40 different authentic vehicles from World War II at your disposal, you can implement the tactics of the 2nd World War on a huge map of the world, and you must draw on your strategic skills to achieve victory over other players. Battles can take place on land, sea and air. You can muster your forces and enter combat alone, or as part of a powerful player Alliance. The graphics in WAR2 Glory have a wealth of detail and a style that is rarely seem in other online real-time strategy and city management games.

The realistic combat system allows players to use in-depth tactics that exploit the full strength of different combinations of troops, vehicles, air and sea power. This can allow a skilful Commander, who may be undermanned and out-gunned, to defeat a larger army and achieve victory.

The backbone of any Commander in WAR2 Glory is his army. Without a strong fighting force, and a competent Commander, your city is doomed. 40 different types of soldiers, vehicles, aircraft and ships are available for you to command on the battlefield. The units are historically accurate and based on the real forces of World War II. Whether you need to engage in battle on the ground, in the air, or on the open seas you can build the force that you need to be successful. The fortress walls of your city can also be equipped with bunkers, howitzers, anti-tank guns and anti-aircraft guns to repel your enemies. With the right forces, and the right strategy, your victory is assured!

The cities in WAR2 Glory are divided into two areas: the Military Sector and the Production Zone. In the Military Sector, there is a variety of military and civilian buildings such as the Staff Headquarters, Airport, Arms Plant, and Civilian Houses. Some buildings such as the Naval Academy can only be built in coastal towns. In the Production Zone all the buildings are involved in Resource production. The following buildings are available: the Farm, the Steelworks, Oil Refinery and the Rare Metal Plant. These provide the raw materials needed for a thriving city.

A very important element in WAR2 Glory is technological research. Through the use of the Research Centre, a commander can explore and create technologies that offer them everything from higher yields in resource production, through to decreasing the training time required for troops. Through technological progress, a small army can defeated a numerically superior enemy.

The Daily Missions can give the commander regular resources and gold, these missions are available once per day. Should a daily mission not be completed in time, it is available again the next day.

In WAR2 Glory a commander can join together in Alliances with other players, to jointly gain control over certain regions, or to prosecute the war effort and to capture more resources. The construction of a Communications Centre in the Military Sector is required, and this building is also where Alliance troops that have been transferred from other alliance members are billeted.

Planning is everything, but even a well-planned campaign may need the Commander to use a Stratagem or a ruse in order to achieve victory. War2 Glory gives you this option.
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